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About us
Ramirez Design Inc. is an architectural design & build company specializing in custom homes and gardens in Southern California since 1982. Ranging in style from modern steel and glass to contemporary interpretations of traditional Spanish, and incorporating active & passive solar systems, revealed structure, abundant natural light and edible gardens, their homes have been acclaimed locally, nationally, and abroad.
Bob Ramirez
A native Californian, Bob is both Architectural Designer and Construction Director of Ramirez Design Inc.   His passion for the art of building and a love of adventure inspired him to explore the world in search of cultural enrichment.  What began as a short trip grew into a multi-year exploration of indigenous cultures that were adapting to the modern world.   His drafting skills and craftsmanship enabled him to work along the way and learn as an insider.  Designing and building furniture in Cape Town, fitting out a shop in London and navigating a sailboat across the South Pacific were just a few of the creative experiences which continue to infuence his unique approach to design.
                 Contact Info:  bob@ramirezstudio.com
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